Our Story

When Ali and James bumped their heads and created KalpraTM, their mission was simple “to innovate for fitness” and their philosophy for achieving this mission even simpler “be present in this moment”.

It is well understood that exercise is no longer just about the aesthetics, or making us feel good by looking good. Rather, it’s a natural prescription for a healthy mind, a strong body and a nourished soul. Simply put, it is a necessary and integral element to achieving a happy and fulfilling life. Yet, too many of us still struggle with the notion of exercise as a way of life and we find ourselves losing interest and just going through the motions of being active, without any real focus, intent or enjoyment in what we’re doing. Our minds often wander onto other things and our focus gets lost outside the present moment. At KalpraTM, we see this as the root cause for poor performance and lack of enjoyment.

Contrary to this, when we manage to channel our energy in the present moment, we give ourselves permission to enter the zone where our movements begin to flow naturally and our bodies begin to create. Exercise becomes both science and art and in this space we move with purpose, intent and creativity. Here, we feel joy, we perform and we get the results that we want.

KalpraTM was founded by two friends on the shores of the east coast of Australia. Having each led an active life for most of their lives, they found a common mission to create and innovate for fitness. James, the self-proclaimed artist and designer is rooted by his love for X, Y and Z. Ali, an innovation consultant, is intrigued by anything that screams self-expression through science. Together, they ARE the intersection of science and art, or what we like to call performance and creativity. From this, KalpraTM was born.



Kalpra Goats

The Brand

The brand KalpraTM is derived from the words “Calisthenics”, generally meaning body-weight inspired exercises, and “Capra”, the Latin word for goat. The goat is the spirit behind our brand, possessing the values and qualities that we endeavour to live by in every moment. Like many of us, the goat is an underestimated being. Yet, he has the tenacity, confidence and balance to navigate rocky terrains and climb to reach the highest of summits. His aloofness means he does not take himself or life too seriously, in turn opening up his child-like curiosity and sense of wonder to discover a world full of endless possibilities. 


It is from this place that KalpraTM seeks to create and innovate for fitness.



Our Products

Our products have been meticulously researched, tested and refined just for you, the customer, from both a functional and aesthetic point of view. From the display of our brand to the colours, materials and performance, every detail has been considered as we have refined what we think are some great products to launch our brand and move into this industry we love so much.

All of our products are personally inspected by ourselves in Australia before being dispatched and we hope you will get as much enjoyment from them as we have taken in creating them.

Please feel free to tag us in your social posts @kalpra_ and as always, we’d love your feedback so we can continue to innovate and improve.