Our Story

Kalpra is an Australian born start-up focussing on delivering products for the fitness industry that are better for our bodies and our environment.


Our Founders

Ali & James are the co-founders of Kalpra. One day they bumped their heads together and decided to go on a mission: “to innovate for fitness” and their philosophy was simple “to move different”. With collective backgrounds in Science, Innovation, Art & Design, and a passion for all things sport and fitness, they found their niche at the intersection of performance and creativity. Their goal is to build a global brand that is not only superior and unique in what it delivers, but that can be seen as a force for good.


Our Bodies

we seek to deliver products that are innovative and that support natural movements, so we can sustain long term pleasure and performance from exercise.


Our Environment

we seek to use innovation, design and technology to develop sustainable products and practices that tackle the bigger problems our species and environment are currently facing. 



Kalpra Goats

Our Brand

KalpraTM is derived from the words “Calisthenics”, generally meaning body-weight inspired exercises, and “Capra”, the Latin word for goat. The goat is the spirit behind our brand, possessing the values and qualities that we endeavour to live by in every moment. Like many of us, the goat is an underestimated being. Yet, he has the tenacity, confidence and balance to navigate rocky terrains and climb to reach the highest of summits. His aloofness means he does not take himself or life too seriously, in turn opening up his child-like curiosity and sense of wonder to discover a world full of endless possibilities.

It’s from this place that we seek to design, innovate, inspire and impact. Join us in the pursuit to Move Different.